• (2) Two Queen Non-Smoking Rooms  

• Hotel must be a 4-5 star nationally recognized chain  

• All rooms are to be booked under the name “CARL MAYO”

• Hotel confirmations to be sent to management within (7) seven business days of performance

• Hotel should be within close proximity of venue (5 miles max)

• If all rooms are not needed, management will cancel them



• (1) One qualified & sober driver available for 24 hours

• Vehicle must be of certified chauffeur standard (ALL BLACK FULL SIZE SUV) with clean interior & exterior  

• Driver must meet artist & management at designated airport terminal with a noticeable sign that reads "RUEPRATT"


• If available, "runner" shall greet management upon arrival  

 • Dressing room with adequate seating/dining for up to 15 people

• Private bathrooms accessibility

. • Full length mirror and vanity powder room 

• (2) Two fresh towels, cups (hot/cold), tissue, paper towels and plastic eating utensils for up to 15 people

• 8 bottles of cold artesian water (Fiji or Voss preferred)

• 8 bottles of room temperature (Aquafina or Deer Park preferred)

• (5) max complimentary meals from venue dinner menu

• Hot herbal tea (honey and lemons)

• Fresh fruit (bananas, apples, grapes & one pineapple)

• (1) One bottle of Hennessy XO

• (1) One bottle of Patron Tequila Silver

• (2) Two reserved parking spaces directly in front of venue entrance. Space(s) should easily fit a full size SUV

• Venue must secure qualified security personnel; sober, alert  & noticeable upon artist’s arrival

• Artist may be accompanied by own private security. Venue will be notified in advance by management 

• Artist shall be granted (10) complimentary tickets available at roll call/box office 

 • Meet & Greets are to be scheduled 30-60 minutes after venue doors open 

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